VoIP Communication

VoIP is simply the technology that converts your spoken words into a digital signal, then transmitting the same information over an IP network, enabling you to make a telephone call directly from your computer, a Voip phone, or any other portable device. Simply put, it’s telephone service delivered over the net. And if you’re wondering what VoIP actually is, well, in this case, you’ll be completely correct. The name VoIP comes from the words ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ and ‘IP’, which is an internet protocol. This allows us to transfer voice-enabled signals such as telephone calls over the World Wide Web for a relatively low cost. Today, VoIP has a huge range of uses, both in the consumer and business segments, with one of its primary benefits being voice-based video conferencing.

A VoIP Phone Service provides many benefits to businesses and organizations.

One of its most prominent selling points is that it can help reduce expenses by enabling telecommuters to take their work out of the office and virtually anywhere in the world where a high-speed Internet connection is available. The great news is that most businesses can benefit greatly from hosted VoIP solutions, and one way to do this is by making use of Softswitch, which is a leading provider of SIP trunks and gateways and a great partner to VoIP companies.

Softswitch VoIP hosting is a hosted PBX platform. In the past, all VoIP phones used their own IP telephony system and extensions. This meant that when a different extension was required, it would require a change to the existing hardware. This meant additional expenses and increased down time. With Softswitch, hosted pbx services are provided by dedicated IP telephony infrastructure. The end-users will have access to the same systems via a web browser or a special software application.

A VoIP Phone Service can also be provided by RingCentral,

another leading provider of SIP trunks and gateway services. RingCentral also offers hosted VoIP services. With the help of a hosted PBX system, RingCentral provides business organizations with an easy-to-use interface to manage their own VoIP telephony needs. This includes voice, SMS, fax, and call recording solutions as well as VoIP call forwarding. The features that RingCentral offers its customers include: SIP Trunking for $8.95 monthly, unlimited calls to other numbers in the network for a limited monthly price, FREE caller ID, call recording, voicemail, unified messaging, call recording, video conferencing, call transfer, caller id, and more.

Telecommuting has become one of the most sought after commuting option for employees as well as for business travelers. With a hosted VoIP system, office employees can now take advantage of the ease of accessing their computer and VoIP equipment from any location. There are many providers that provide hosted VoIP solutions to small offices. Names like Simfree, RingCentral, SunRocket, iConnectvo, and others already established themselves in the VoIP market and offer hosted VoIP services. These companies also provide sip trunking, gateway services, gateways, security, software upgrades, telephone hardware, and phone accessories such as headsets, cordless headsets, and other accessories.

An IVR is a remote IVR solution that provides real-time communication to call center agents through a connection to the Internet and standard PSTN IVR equipment. IVR solutions with Internet telephony allow for IVR management with multi-point routing, call center ticketing, automated voice management, IVR programming, IVR display, and integrated call accounting. IVR solutions with Internet telephony solutions also provide traffic-flow management and feature billing, and advanced features such as IVR preview, bid dialing, multi-party conferencing, and IVR automation. SIP-based telephony systems are also used for providing IP-based applications to external users.

Many businesses have decided to go “green” and attempt to go green in other ways. For many businesses, going completely green is about not using products and services that harm the environment. To that end, many providers of hosted VoIP services also offer green products and services. Green solutions include replacement of lead-acid batteries, offsetting the waste created by hand washing dishes, planting trees, and reducing use of landfills. Some providers even go as far as to recycle old cell phones into reusable parts and distribute them to low-income countries.

With so many businesses looking toward VoIP, and so many calling needs fulfilled with cloud-based phone service, it’s no surprise that revenues are increasing year after year.

  • Many companies offer pricing plans and discounts to attract new customers. Providers often have special promotions to reward clients who choose to utilize their services.
  • The cost of a VOIP call can be much less than the cost of a traditional phone call, even when making long distance calls.
  • By offering a complete solution that includes features and functions that meet the demands of today’s businesses while conserving resources and lowering operating expenses, the VoIP industry is an excellent choice for companies of all sizes.