In the era of remote work and virtual team building, employers are seeking innovative ways to connect with their teams and boost morale. One unique and increasingly popular trend is sending cocktail kits to employees. This creative gesture not only adds a touch of excitement to virtual team-building events but also promotes camaraderie and relaxation among team members. In this article, we’ll explore the rising trend of sending cocktail kits to employees, the benefits it offers, and how it contributes to a positive work culture.

The Rise of Virtual Team Building:

With the widespread adoption of remote work, companies have had to reimagine traditional team-building activities. Virtual team-building events have become a staple for organizations looking to foster a sense of connection among team members separated by physical distances. While virtual happy hours and online games have become popular, the idea of sending cocktail kits adds a tangible and engaging element to these virtual gatherings.

How It Works:

Sending cocktail kits to employees involves curating a package that includes all the ingredients and tools needed to create a specific cocktail or a variety of drinks. These kits are then shipped directly to employees’ homes before a scheduled virtual team-building event. During the event, a mixologist or a designated team member guides the group through the process of crafting the chosen cocktails, creating a shared experience despite the physical separation.

Benefits of Sending Cocktail Kits to Employees:

  • Fostering Connection: Virtual team-building activities are crucial for fostering connection and camaraderie among team members. Sending cocktail kits provides a shared experience that goes beyond work-related discussions, allowing employees to connect on a personal level and share a moment of enjoyment.
  • Boosting Morale: The gesture of sending a cocktail kit is a morale booster. It communicates that the employer values the well-being and happiness of their team members, creating a positive and supportive work culture. Employees appreciate the effort put into organizing a fun and unique experience for them.
  • Encouraging Creativity: Crafting cocktails encourages creativity and experimentation. Employees get the opportunity to explore mixology, try new flavors, and even invent their own concoctions. This element of creativity can extend to the workplace, fostering a culture of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Stress Relief: The act of mixing and enjoying a cocktail can serve as a form of stress relief. In the midst of busy work schedules and virtual meetings, taking a break to create and savor a drink provides a moment of relaxation and helps alleviate stress.
  • Inclusive and Accessible: Sending cocktail kits is an inclusive activity that can be enjoyed by employees of legal drinking age. The kits can be customized to include non-alcoholic options for those who don’t consume alcohol, ensuring that everyone can participate in the team-building activity.
  • Enhancing Team Dynamics: Participating in a shared activity like crafting cocktails encourages teamwork and collaboration. Employees work together to follow instructions, share tips, and create a cohesive experience. This contributes to the development of positive team dynamics.

Choosing the Right Cocktail Kits:

When considering sending cocktail kits to employees, it’s essential to choose the right kits that align with the preferences and needs of the team. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Diversity of Options: Select cocktail kits that offer a diverse range of options. Consider including kits for classic cocktails, trendy mixes, and even non-alcoholic mocktails to cater to various preferences.
  • Inclusive Ingredients: Ensure that the ingredients included in the kits are inclusive and accessible. Consider dietary restrictions and allergies when selecting ingredients to accommodate the diverse needs of the team.
  • Quality Tools: The quality of the tools provided in the kit can enhance the overall experience. Include professional-grade tools such as shakers, muddlers, and strainers to make employees feel like true mixologists.
  • Expert Guidance: Choose kits that come with expert guidance. This could include a virtual mixology class led by a professional mixologist or detailed instructions on creating the perfect cocktails.
  • Branding Opportunities: Consider incorporating branding opportunities into the cocktail kits. This could include custom labels, branded shakers, or even personalized notes from the company, adding a thoughtful touch to the experience.

Implementing the Virtual Experience:

  • Schedule in Advance: Plan the virtual team-building event well in advance, taking into consideration the shipping time for the cocktail kits. Clear communication about the date and time ensures that everyone can participate.
  • Coordinate Logistics: Coordinate with a reliable shipping provider to ensure the timely and secure delivery of the cocktail kits to employees’ homes. Providing tracking information can add an extra layer of anticipation.
  • Promote Participation: Encourage active participation by promoting the event beforehand. Share details about the cocktails that will be crafted, create excitement, and emphasize the benefits of taking a break to enjoy a fun and interactive experience.
  • Facilitate Interaction: During the virtual event, create opportunities for interaction and engagement. This could include breakout sessions for small groups to collaborate, share their creations, and discuss the experience.
  • Capture the Moment: Encourage employees to share pictures and videos of their cocktail-making experience on a designated platform. This not only creates a virtual scrapbook of the event but also allows employees to showcase their creativity.


Sending cocktail kits to employees is a creative and engaging way to enhance virtual team-building efforts. Beyond the enjoyment of crafting and savoring a drink, this gesture communicates a commitment to employee well-being and fosters a positive work culture. As the workplace continues to evolve, incorporating such innovative and inclusive activities into the remote work landscape is not just a trend but a testament to the adaptability and creativity of modern workplace practices. Cheers to building stronger teams, one cocktail kit at a time!